5 Considerations To Think Through Before Renovating Your Home Bathroom

5 Considerations To Think Through Before Renovating Your Home Bathroom

Whether you’re planning to transform your home into a luxurious oasis, improve functionality, or boost your property’s value, renovating your home bathroom is probably the last thing you’ll think about. However, it is a key part of your home that should be given attention if you want to live in a hygienic and safe environment. 

If you’re planning a home bathroom renovation, there are several crucial considerations that you should think about. In this article, we will explore some factors that homeowners must thoroughly contemplate before getting their bathrooms done. 


1. What Layout Should Your Bathroom Follow? 

The first step to take in a bathroom renovation is to plan a layout. The bathroom is a highly utilised space, and only a well-thought-out layout can help ensure a visually appealing and practical environment. This will make daily routines more manageable and enjoyable. 

What Layout Should Your Bathroom Follow-Bathroom Renovation

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When planning your bathroom layout, first think about the dimensions and shape of the available space you have. Then, consider where you’ll place your bathroom fixtures, such as the sink, toilet, and shower. They should be arranged in a way that maximises every inch of space and ensures ease of use and comfort. 

If you need help with drafting up a bathroom layout, a renovation company can assist you with creating one. 

2. What Tiles Should You Use?

Tiles play a multifaceted role; not only do they contribute to the visual appeal of your home bathroom, they also affect its durability and safety. 

Some factors you should consider when choosing your tiles include your design vision and style preferences. You’ll want to ensure that the colour, patterns, texture, and size of your tiled blend in well with the rest of your bathroom decor to produce the atmosphere you’re looking for. 

Apart from appearance, you’ll also need to take into account how well your tiles can hold up in a high-moisture environment. With so much liquids splashing around, it is important to invest in tiles with the appropriate water-resistant properties to prevent damage and mould growth. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular choices due to their excellent water resistance and durability. 

3. What Kind of Lights Should You Install?

After tiles, lights are the next most important element in the bathroom. They help to illuminate the space so that you can engage in personal grooming activities safely, preventing injuries. 

If possible, try to strike a balance between natural and artificial sources of light when choosing bathroom lighting. Natural light not only enhances aesthetics, but also contributes to a more pleasant experience during daytime use. 

What Kind of Lights Should You Install-Bathroom Renovation

For artificial lighting, consider layering different types of light to cater to various needs and activities. For example, using ambient lighting, such as ceiling-mounted lights, to provide overall illumination, and pairing it with task lighting, such as wall-mounted sconces, for specific activities like applying makeup. 

You’ll also want to choose lighting fixtures that are rated for damp or wet environments to prevent electrical hazards. 

4. What Bathroom Fixtures Should You Add?

What Bathroom Fixtures Should You Add-Bathroom Renovation

Fixtures are the essential elements that serve your needs and define the bathroom’s purpose. Some fixtures you must have include a sink, toilet, and shower. Then, to make the space much more comfortable and easy to use, consider adding towel racks, storage units, and shelves. Carefully choosing the features you’ll need before commencing home bathroom renovations will help you create a functional and stylish space that meets your needs. 

5. Does it Match Your Home Interior?

In order to maintain a consistent design theme throughout your home, your bathroom needs to feature a style similar to the rest of your home. Neglecting this can lead to a disjointed appearance, which isn’t very visually appealing.

Home bathroom renovations shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a key part of your home that deserves attention if you want to have comfortable and sanitary bathrooms to do self-care in every day. 

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